Galia Arad is an American singer/songwriter raised in Bloomington, Indiana. She moved to Dublin, Ireland, where she currently lives, after a few years in New York City.

Galia's classical musician parents and classical voice training steered her directly into the arms of rock 'n' roll. She has toured the USA, Ireland, England (supporting Jools Holland), and Japan (where she not only gigged, but was the first place winner of a sake chugging contest and runner up of a wet kimono contest).

She is also the winner of Songwriter Hall of Fame's Abe Olman Award for Excellence in Songwriting, and winner of The Great American Song competition.

Galia, with much noise, has also caught the attention of one of her music idols, Shane MacGowan (from The Pogues), who wrote the liner notes for her sophomore album Ooh La Baby, and is featured on two tracks. Also featured on her folk/pop album is guitar legend Marc Ribot (who simply describes Galia as a "fucking good songwriter"), Bashiri Johnson, Elvis Costello's rhythm section, and many other musicians that she loves to brag about. She also brags about being a proud Takamine artist, and that her song I Must Have You appears in the first episode of the show Felicity and the Lifetime Original movie Honeymoon for One.

She is currently working on a batch of new songs for her forthcoming album.